Event Terms & Conditions

As of 6th February 2015


The term 'Our Events' refers to any events that StreetSalsa manage which are advertised on this website and not explicitly stated as an external event. The term 'The Network' refers to this website and any associated social media groups managed by StreetSalsa. The term 'External Events' refers to any events not managed by StreetSalsa. The term 'StreetSalsa Members' refers to any individual registered on this website or who has attended one of Our Events. The term 'StreetSalsa Team' refers to the individuals appointed as responsible for the management and delivery of Our Events. The term 'We' applies to the StreetSalsa Team.

If you attend any of Our Events, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to exclude any individual from Our Events and The Network, if we believe that they are in violation of any of the conditions in Section 3.

If the decision is taken to exclude an individual, we may give some general guidance to that individual as to why they have been excluded, although we reserve the right to withhold any details of complaints we may have received from other StreetSalsa Members or the StreetSalsa Team.

If an individual is excluded, any remaining membership they have paid for will be refunded on a Pro Rata basis for the days they have remaining. Any membership awarded as a prize in a competition, or for any reason other than an individual purchase, will not be refunded.

We have the full support of our venues in this matter.


3.1 Event Registration

Our Events are not accessible to the general public and are for StreetSalsa Members only. In order to attend Our Events, individuals must be registered on this website and provide their real name and a valid email addresses belonging to them for the purposes of registration as a StreetSalsa Member. This need not be in advance of one of Our Events, as registration is possible on arrival at Our Events.

In addition to registration, at each of Our Events that you attend, you must be checked in by a member of the StreetSalsa Team who will create a record that you have attended that particular event.

A copy of these terms and conditions is available upon request at all Our Events.

3.2 Dangerous Dancing

You may not dance at one of Our Events in a way which we believe may cause danger to other individuals in attendance at that event or yourself; this includes but is not limited to:

  • Using a dangerous level of force to lead your partner.
  • Following moves led by your partner in such a way as to cause a danger to your partner.
  • Dancing without awareness and consideration of other dancers.
  • Dancing in such a way as to risk your own health or safety.
  • Performing aerial moves in which your or your partner's feet both leave the floor, in a dangerous manner or without the consent of your partner.

3.3 Unacceptable Behaviour

Inside or outside of Our Events, we consider the following behaviour to be unacceptable and a violation of our Terms and Conditions:

  • Dancing in a way that is inappropriately close or in a manner that makes a StreetSalsa Member or a member of the StreetSalsa Team feel uncomfortable. Complaints of this manner are taken very seriously and may be referred to the Police.
  • Assault, violence, harassment or intimidation directed towards a StreetSalsa Member or the StreetSalsa Team - which again may be referred to the Police.
  • Derogatory comments directed towards a StreetSalsa Member or the StreetSalsa Team.
  • If we suspect the reason for you attending Our Events is anything other than to develop your dancing.

If you believe that someone has violated this condition in any way, please discretely report this to a StreetSalsa Team member as a matter of urgency as we take these matters very seriously.

3.4 Promotion of External Events

The promotion of External Events at Our Events or within The Network - is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the StreetSalsa Team.

This condition excludes the StreetSalsa Team, who are entitled to make decisions about which External Events may be promoted within Our Events and The Network.

We reserve the right to exclude individuals from Our Events if we believe they are in attendance to promote an External Event.

3.5 Giving Feedback

Unless someone asks you for feedback about their dancing at one of Our Events, do not give feedback to StreetSalsa Members or attempt to teach them to dance yourself. The giving of feedback to another attendee of Our Events without their express permission is strictly forbidden.


Photographs and videos will be taken at Our Events for use by StreetSalsa in promotional materials.

However, if you would prefer not to be included in these please let a member of StreetSalsa Team know your wishes and we will endeavour to omit you from these promotional materials - although we cannot guarantee that you will not be included.

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