Beginner Salsa | StreetSalsa

Start your journey here. Develop core skills, moves, and combinations.

B1 Core Skills

Learn the basic steps and the two most common holds.

B2 Cross Body

The Cross Body is the core building block of our style of partner dance, which is primarily danced on a line.

B3 Turns

Learn how to turn on the spot, on your own and with a partner.

B4 Open Break

The Open Break allows the Lead to give the Follow energy.

B5 Cross Body Turns

Lead and follow turns travelling down a line.

B6 Hammerlock

The dance move, NOT the wrestling move!

B7 Titanic

A position named after a film about a famous ship.

B8 Hand Knot

Wrap your hands up in knots.

B9 Crossed Hands

Changing hands from the default position.

B10 Hand Flicks

How to lead and follow hand flicks.

B11 Wrap Moves

Moves which get you into and out of, a wrap position.