Intermediate Combos | StreetSalsa

Take it to the next level with combinations suitable for intermediate dancers.

Leads Left Turn Hand Knot Combo

Cross Body Shoulder Turns Combo

Walk Through Stops Combo

Travelling Right Drill

Travelling Right Combo

Right Turn Hammerlock Combo

Travelling Free Right Combo

Slow Left Drill

Hammerlock Whirligig Combo

Travelling Turn Combo

Cross Body 180 Combo

Titanic Breaks Combo

Travelling Titanic Combo

Wrong Handed Titanic Combo

Titanic Walk Back Combo

Open Breaking Wrap Combo

Wrapped Titanic Combo

Left Turns Wrap Combo

All In Wrap Combo

Sombrero Hand Flick Combo

Knot Drop Flick Combo

Hand Flick Right Turn Combo

Hammerlock Hand Flick Combo

Left Turn Hand Flick Combo

Behind Back Flick Combo

Flick Block Free Left Combo

Lazy Turn Shine Combo

Lazy Turn Combo