Intermediate Salsa | StreetSalsa

You've got the basics, now improve your skills and increase your vocabulary.

I1 Static Turns

Developing your turns on the spot.

I2 Static Titanic

Leading and following titanic moves which are danced on the spot.

I3 Cross Body Variations

A world of variations on the humble cross body.

I4 Travelling Rights

Improve your travelling right turns and variations.

I5 Travelling Lefts

More travelling left variations including the Slow Left.

I6 Cross Body 180

Learn the awesome Cross Body 180 and variations.

I7 Travelling Titanic

Moving down the line in titanic position.

I8 Wrap Moves

Get your positioning spot on with these wrap moves.

I9 Hand Flicks

Some truly tricky hand flick variations.

I10 Open Breaks

Get the correct tension to perfect your open breaks.

I11 Lazy Turns

Learn a range of moves borrowed from swing dance.

I12 Copa

Probably the most difficult move to lead and follow, we'll show you how.