Warm Up Tracks

Posted by Richard on 15th March 2015

Warming up is important to get the blood flowing, loosen up muscles and prevent injuries. So why not throw on some tunes to get you in the mood?!  Here's a playlist on Spotify with my favourite warm-up tracks.

Warm Up Playlist on Spotify


By Richard

I started Salsa in early 2012 shortly after moving to Leeds from Brighton. I started learning at a small class in Huddersfield before joining in the fun at StreetSalsa a few months later.

I'm something of an old timer now, and you can find me doing pretty much any job that needs doing every Monday at Smokestack. I'm also part of the team at Leeds University Union's Salsa Society.

You can learn more about me over here!

By Richard on 15th March 2015 at 22:27

If you're a Spotify user and want to get at all my playlists in one place you can follow me on this link!


By Dakota on 18th September 2019 at 12:30

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