Cross Body Lesson Write Up | HiFi 23.09.15

Posted by Jake on 28th September 2015

Lots of good feedback from last week's moves at HiFi, so I thought let's put a write-up together so you can remember what we covered.  This week some nice variants on the Cross Body.

Here are the moves we covered, from two different angles on YouTube, followed by a write-up of the moves and some tips.

Check out the video then read the description below.

Move 1 - Cross Body from No Hold

OK, so this is a pretty standard Cross Body Lead.

Move 2 - Basic into Closed

Now we're in Open Hold, so I use a Basic Step to get into Closed Hold by combing Emma's left arm over my head.

Move 3 - Lead's Left Turn Cross Body

Now for another variant on a Cross Body.  I basically take a Left Turn, and while I'm turning I lead Emma into a Cross Body.

Move 4 - Lead's Left Turn Cross Body with Left Turn

On the first three counts, I continue turning to the left and get into position to lead Emma into a Cross Body with Left Turn.  More on that move in another week...

Notice the change of hands into Left to Left position!

Move 5 - Lead & Follow's Right Turn

This is a pretty standard Lead and Follow's Right Turn - like the one we covered a few weeks ago.

Move 6 - Cross Body

And to finish - another comb over my head and a Cross Body into open.


Well that's it for this week, if you fancy getting involved then I definitely think you should!  Check out events at HiFi for more information.  This week we're looking at Left Turns.

Any questions or comments?!  Just use the comments below...

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