Left Turns Lesson Write Up | HiFi 30.09.15

Posted by Jake on 7th October 2015

Many salsa teachers don't even cover a Left Turns, which is a shame because they're fun to dance once you've cracked them.  I even read somewhere that always turning right can cause injury to your hip.

But many people find them incredibly difficult, largely because they don't dance them enough.

They are different to a right turn though, and it's important to know the difference.  Watch the video and read on for a breakdown of the moves:


Move 1 - Lead's Left Turn with Hand Changes

A slight variation on the standard Lead's Left Turn, where I change the hands twice instead of placing Emma's hand on my waist.

Move 2 - Lead's Left Turn under the Arm

Another left turn for the lead, this time I go under my right arm and let go of my left for a brief moment.

Move 3 - Follow's Left Turn

Next up a standard Follow's Left Turn.  Remember the footwork is forward and back, turn, turn, turn.

Move 4 - Basic Turn

A standard Basic Step to catch our breath!

Move 5 - Comb Left Turn into Cross Body Position

Pretty much a standard left turn, except I comb my right hand over Emma's head and leave her hand on her right shoulder.  As I lead the turn I also drift into cross body position - to my partner's left hand side.  I also reconnect with Emma's hand.

Move 6 - Left Turn from Cross Body Position

In this position I lead another left turn, which is pretty standard other than the odd position.

Move 7 - Walk Through

A standard Walk Through, although I'm already in cross body position and Emma's arm is on her shoulder.

Move 8 - Lead's Left Turn Cross Body

This is very similar to Move 2, except I use my rotation during the left turn to lead my partner into a Cross Body on the 5th count.


Well that's it for this week, if you fancy getting involved then I definitely think you should!  Check out events at HiFi for more information.  This week we're looking at Copas...

Any questions or comments?!  Just use the comments below...

By Jake

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