Perfect Technique or Connection to the Music

Posted by Carla (Carlita) on 27th August 2014

As a dancer i am all for perfect technique and for people to be taught perfect technique in fact i think good technique is imperative to a dancer but in addition to that i think the more important thing is musicality. Connection to the music?

To me theyre are two types of dancers, a mechanical dancer and a true dancer (may be a contentious statement). I just thought i would see what the general thoughts are about what they believe?

By Carla (Carlita)

Hi all! I'm the crazy one you'll see dancing and laughing and generally just dancing at every street salsa event! ... I've been dancing since before I can remember it's something I have to do, it completes me! Probably why I have that silly goofy look on my face whenever I'm dancing! I love teaching and salsa is just an incredible way to dance make amazing friends and just generally have a fab night!

Dance is is a gift and being able to give that gift to other people makes me so happy!

So get yourselves down to one of our awesome nights and join the family!!!!! :-) x

By Nicky on 27th August 2014 at 12:52

As a teacher I am also a fan of good (not necessarily perfect) technique and personally do not feel that this is seperate to connection with the music. I do not think this is an either/or thing.  I believe more fun can be had if you have both.

For me - the fact that I am continually working on my technique improves my confidence as a dancer and enables me to dance with pretty much any salsa dancer around the world - that confidence subsequently then has an effect on my musicality and connection to the music as I know that I can allow my body to feel and respond to the music without losing my partner, the moves or falling flat on my face - quite simply because my techniques are now ingrained in my dancing.  I can be playful, cheeky, even step out and do something not strictly salsa but because of my strong foundations I feel safe to do this as I know I can easily come back to where I need to be without interfering with the person leading (or indeed the person I am leading).

By Donna'ton' on 27th August 2014 at 13:39

Yes I agree with both of u, ive obviously not got an ounce of the experience u 2 hold but I personally feel that to have a partner who knows what they are doin is great.......again, I think musicality is a confidence thing, go with ur body and enjoy it..........if u go wrong laugh......which leads me to me next point, I would rather have a dance with mistakes and smiles nd squels, than a perfect dance with a straight long as its fun, safe and on beat (lol) I enjoy myself x

By Carla (Carlita) on 27th August 2014 at 14:15

I agree with you both entirely! :) Nicky i totally agree that musicality and technique are not two seperate entities more a combination to create the perfect dancer!

However i do feel sometimes that i would rather go a little bit off kilter and create somethign a bit new! I guess thats what creates an indivcidual dancer!

By Donna'ton' on 27th August 2014 at 14:48

Hell yes carlita, individuality is key, when I think of the leads we have at streetsalsa, their individuality is what makes them real, but at the aame time unique, I wouldnt say that any of streetsalsas leads dance like the next, n believe me, thats not a negative, I love it..........keeps you on ur toes, and what a boring world it would be if we all danced the same, individuality is key, make it ur own guys n girls x