Running Order for the Pair Up!

Posted by Jake on 24th September 2014

Tonight is the StreetSalsa Come Dancing Pair Up at Hifi Club from 7pm.  This week we'll be matching our celebrities with professionals, who will be dancing together?!

As usual, we’ll have our programme of dance classes, suitable for absolute beginners and experienced dancers alike.  We’ll be having two classes running alongside each other at 7pm, a beginner-friendly freestyle dance at 8pm, followed by two classes at 8:30pm:

  • 7pm Beginners with Jake & Donna – Suitable for absolute beginners, we start with the basics each and every week.  No partner or special clothes required.  If it's your first class, check out the event page for more details.
  • 7pm Improver+ with Lee & Carla – Suitable for dancers who have completed our improver syllabus.  Lee's first class teaching on a Wednesday - if you've not seen him teach, then you'll be in stitches - such a funny teacher!  And our Dance Captain Carla is stepping in for Allison, so expect lots of cool styling for the ladies.
  • 8:30pm Improvers with Jake & Sophie plus beginner group session with Donna – Suitable for dancers who've completed our beginner syllabus.  Don't worry if you're still working through the beginner syllabus, Donna will be taking a special group session with our beginners to help them practice what they've learnt during the 8:30 slot.
  • 8:30pm Intermediate with Lee & Carla – A truly tricky class, you must be very familiar with our Improver syllabus to tackle this one!  It will also help if you've done plenty of Improver+ classes!

And once we’ve got the classes and beginner freestyle out of the way…


Tonight at 9:30pm we’ll be introducing our celebrities and finding out who they've been partnered with.  As well as some more awesome performances and a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

One of the performances will demonstrate Merengue - our first competitive dance for next week.  So find out what it's all about :)  And what the judges will be looking for...

Expect more awesome performances, thrills, spills and to top it off - a packed freestyle after the show.  Join the Facebook event for all the details!

StreetSalsa Come Dancing is a fantastic opportunity to improve your dancing, have a great time, and maybe even win the coveted StreetSalsa Glitter Ball!  As ever, the focus will be on fun and participation – we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

By Jake

Nearly a decade ago, I resolved to run a salsa night the way I thought it should be run and the idea for StreetSalsa was born.  The rest as they say is history..

I've made some of the best friends you could wish for through dancing, and want to share what a life-changing experience dance can be.

By Siobhan on 24th September 2014 at 11:30

Exciting! X