Salsa Fitness: The best and most fun work out you won't even realise you're having!!!

Posted by Sophie on 11th September 2014

Sadly my physiological knowledge is not extensive enough to produce an in depth explanation of why salsa is so great for your health, fitness and general well-being (I'm sure someone can help me out in the comments). My intention is merely to comment that whenever I am away from salsa, I notice a huge difference in my body - specifically a decline in muscle tone and an increase in "squidginess".

I've always been very active and have a background in sports that are considered to be high intensity. When I first started salsa, I never imagined that dancing would help me obtain a shape that I'm most happy with. I have never been so unaware of such an intense cardio session - the fun totally takes over and you forget you're exercising! It's also the most interactive and "full-contact" work -out that I have ever had!

I know I we all dance because we love the feeling, but I was wondering how much the rest of the community rate salsa as a fitness activity and how it has impacted on people's fitness levels or altered their routines? :)

It certainly works for the celebs on Strictly :D

By Sophie

Many moons ago my mum, thinking she had a little girl instead of a little boy, took me to dancing. Being more accustomed to running around, grazing my knees, playing rugby and fighting with the boys, I threw the BIGGEST tantrum of all time, embarrassing my mum so much that she never took me back!

Fastforward and I've somehow found myself with quite a salsa addiction!! It's a million miles out of my comfort zone but I love everything about it, especially the StreetSalsa buzz that we have going on!!!

We're such a crazy, eclectic mix of people and I love how we celebrate that every class!! :P xx

By Jake on 11th September 2014 at 18:55

It's blooming brilliant, I have to eat loads of calories just to keep the weight on!  Think it's also really good for your coordination and balance, certainly saw my football skills improve since I've been dancing so much :)

By Donna'ton' on 12th September 2014 at 08:08

My stamina is building slowly but surely, n mixed with other exercise, dancin is a fab cross training activity.........i have always had trouble with my knees before with dancing, but i can feel them getting stronger all the time. And with my recent and ongoing weight loss, its deffo helping with toning up my flabby parts, xxx

By Jack on 17th August 2019 at 10:58

Being a new dancer you also have to work on your fitness because Salsa is all about how much fit you are for it. Start your fitness classes with because they are going to start a new batch where they train people to become fit.