Stoptober? Startsalsa!

Posted by Emma on 28th September 2015

It's getting to that time of year again when the campaign to stop doing something bad for you such as smoking or drinking and instead give the money you save to charity is plastered all over our TVs and newsfeeds, but what they don't advertise is what other exciting things you could be doing to replace that empty space.

What do you do with that spare time? Instead of going out for drinks after work or going to the smoking area for socialising, why not come to StreetSalsa and learn how to dance?

An Alternative

Not only will you get your socialising in, you can make new friends, and gain a new skill. STOPTOBER should really be STARTOBER, STARTSALSA today. Get fit, have fun, meet some new friends - with no downside.

If you fancy checking out one of our foundations classes, just check out the find events page. Don't worry if you feel nervous, have a read of our members' first class stories - everyone feels that way at first!

By Emma

I love to drink, dance and travel. Even better if I can do them all at the same time ;)