Stylish Salsa

Posted by Jake on 9th July 2018

Looking for your pure salsa fix?  This playlist has just what you need, a healthy dose of stylish salsa to get you moving.

These are the hottest salsa sounds we're playing at our events right now.  This list is always evolving so why not give it a follow?

Stylish Salsa Playlist on Spotify

By Jake

Nearly a decade ago, I resolved to run a salsa night the way I thought it should be run and the idea for StreetSalsa was born.  The rest as they say is history..

I've made some of the best friends you could wish for through dancing, and want to share what a life-changing experience dance can be.

By Clark on 27th July 2019 at 21:53

I don't know much about Salsa dance but a lot of my friends doing this so I like to watch it. I learn few steps from which I would love to share with you.

By Jack on 31st July 2019 at 15:33

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By Samuel on 14th November 2019 at 03:34

Lots of playlist music in Spotify but sad I dont have account subcription to them. I will go to 24.7 solitaire and  youtube website if they have availablle salsa playlist for free. 

By EMma321 on 23rd November 2019 at 15:40

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