This Week's Salsa+ Patterns

Posted by Jake on 11th September 2014

Here are the patterns from this week's Salsa+ classes at Hifi and Smokestack.  This week has been all about wrap type moves, as well as adding light and shade to your dancing.

On Monday at Smokestack, we did some freestyle work on leading and following wrap moves, before putting together an intermediate pattern.

While at Hifi on Wednesday, we put together two patterns.  The first using wraps and hammerlocks, before looking at adding freezes to your dancing in the second class.  Get booked on for this week's events for all the latest lesson plans and follow ups!

It's a Wrap Pattern - Intermediate

Here's the pattern from Monday.  And I'll be honest, some extra stuff we didn't cover!  I just couldn't resist dancing the song out and thought I would share it with you.

Wrap Hammerlocks Pattern - Improver+

A nice pattern from Wednesday, composed of wraps and hammerlocks - plus a double spin for the follows!

Dramatic Freeze Pattern - Intermediate

Showing how to stop the dancing and just groove it out.  Warning, this breaks the normal 1,2,3 5,6,7 foot pattern - so make sure you get back on time :)  It's a nice example of how you can add light and shade to your dancing, by breaking up the fast movements with some slow ones - in fact the lead completely freezes to put the emphasis on his partner.

Have fun with these, any questions just grab me at one of the events!

By Jake

Nearly a decade ago, I resolved to run a salsa night the way I thought it should be run and the idea for StreetSalsa was born.  The rest as they say is history..

I've made some of the best friends you could wish for through dancing, and want to share what a life-changing experience dance can be.

By Sophie on 11th September 2014 at 20:39

Oh man! I love these! They just want to make me dance right now!! I have no idea where you dream these up Jake :) 

By Jake on 11th September 2014 at 20:42

Thanks Sophie, I just play about with the fundamental moves with the arms at different heights - and go with what feels right :) Can't take all the credit - Allison, Carla and Emma help me come up with them and they do the difficult bit by dancing them.  I pretty much just walk around to the music!

By Sophie on 11th September 2014 at 20:59

Haha...'Jake Lightyear' - "That wasn't dancing, it was walking with style!!"

Great team effort!! Xx

By Andy on 18th September 2014 at 21:55

Yes Sophie, that freeze is breathtaking stuff!