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7 Reasons to Start StreetSalsa

Interested in learning to dance, but scared to make the leap into taking your first class? Don’t worry, that’s a perfectly normal feeling.

Video Guide to Cuban Style Salsa

Although we've not had time to put some videos together ourselves, I thought it would be a good idea to collate some really good Cuban Salsa videos for your viewing pleasure.

Stylish Salsa

Looking for your pure salsa fix? This playlist has just what you need, a healthy dose of stylish salsa to get you moving.

Going from Good to Great

So you've got the basics and dare to feel a little confident. What next? How do you go from good to great?

StreetSalsa Discover Weekly

If you're looking for what's hot right now, then you should definitely check out the StreetSalsa Discover Weekly on Spotify.

3 Moves to Learn Salsa

On the surface of it, Salsa looks like a really complex dance – but I’m today putting it out there that it’s really simple and every move in Salsa is just a combination of three fundamental moves.

Strictly 2014 Line-up – Best Ever?

Sunday 7th of September at 8pm, Strictly Come Dancing returns to the BBC for its 12th season – and I’ve got to say I’m as excited as ever.  The line-up has been announced and it’s possibly the best yet! For all that I think the show creates ...

The Valley of Lost Mojo

People lose their dance mojo for many reasons, but most often it's down to an increase in awareness.

What makes a dance really special?

But what makes a particular dance really special? What is about a dance, that leaves you buzzing long after it's finished?

The Story of Your First Class

I’m sure for some of you, it may be a long time since you took your first salsa class – and for others, it will be still fresh in the memory; but whatever your story – I was hoping you could share it here!

Don’t Finish the Lead’s Sentence!

Anticipation happens when the follow has decided what their partner is going to say before they’ve said it.

Tag Your Favourite Dance of the Night!

We all have those dances that live long in the memory - all the stars align and you have the perfect dance!  So today, we've decided to launch a campaign to tag your 'favourite dance of the night' in the StreetSalsa Socials Facebook Group.Say tha...

The Dangers of Giving Feedback

The reason I'm so passionate about this subject is because I've seen the damage that giving feedback can do to the self-esteem of another individual.

3 Bitesize Tips for Social Dancing

A few quick tips to help you have a great time freestyle dancing. Make the most of the evening and make sure that you've got partners queuing up to dance with you!

Get onboard or get left behind

Why we have stopped talking about the dance in terms of men and women's roles - but instead, in terms of the lead and follow role.

The Importance of Awareness

The key to improving your dancing and taking it to the next level is awareness.  It's also the most difficult thing to develop.

Video Guide to 8 Count Lindy Hop

There’s been such interest in the Lindy Hope classes at StreetSalsa, that I've put together the teaching highlights in a video guide to Lindy Hop.

Man Up! Learn to Dance

Learning to dance has truly changed my life, so I wanted to make an impassioned plea to the blokes of Leeds to GROW A PAIR, and take a dance class - you won’t regret it.

What motivates you to dance?

Past experience has shown just how much interest there is in learning to dance at this time of the year.  It's truly remarkable how busy our events get in January, February and March.So it got me thinking, what motivates you to dance?

StreetSalsa Personality of the Year Awards 2015

With 2016 only hours away, my attention turns to reflecting on what a great year 2015 has been – and the awesome contributions to the community made by our members and team. I don’t often get chance to say thank you – as things are often so man...