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Warm Up Tracks

Warming up is important to get the blood flowing, loosen up muscles and prevent injuries. So why not throw on some tunes to get you in the mood?!

What About the Music?

There's a whole range of differing opinions on what the 'best' music is for dancing, and whilst our sets may seem eclectic, the combined collections of our DJs have been curated over the years with a lot of thought.

Top 40 Salsa Songs

If I had to convince you that salsa music really is awesome, these are the tracks I'd play. There's something about each and every one of them that makes me go crazy.

This is NOT Salsa

For some people hearing a song you know can be like a safety blanket when you’re entering a foreign world. Here's a great list of music you can dance salsa to.

What dances have inspired you?

What amazing dances have really inspired you? Post up your favourite videos!